MxMo LIX: Beer Cocktails

This month for Mixology Monday, Fred challenges us to make a beer cocktail.  I considered many things: making my own recipe, modifying an existing champagne cocktail, modifying a highball.  Ultimately I could not resist the lure of the Skip And Go Naked.  Yes, you heard me.  So sue me.  I haven't got a story about it so for that I direct you here.

Skip And Go Naked. 
1.5 oz gin
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz simple syrup

Build over ice in a Collins glass.  Top with lager.


† 10 to 12 oz.  Or whatever you've got.  Hey, I'm not picky.


frederic said…
Thank you for your submission!

What glass size/type do you recommend and/or what volume of beer is the top?
Dagreb said…
D'oh! Now corrected in the post. Thanks Fred.
frederic said…
Thanks! It's very different whether it's a tall glass or a champagne flute.

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