3:1 And A Bad Idea

The Canada Cocktail gave us 3:1 liquor to liqueur plus bitters (and sugar).  I think this concept needs further investigation. I will begin experiments drinking and report my findings.  First though, a maligned ingredient. What Dr Bamboo calls a Potable Pariah.

This one time Chris made mention of a Malibu Old Fashioned in the Mixo chat, much to everyone's horror & dismay as I recall. I however was intrigued rather than horrified. So, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Malibu OF
2 oz Malibu
0.25 oz pineapple syrup
dash aromatic bitters
Stir over ice in an old fashioned glass . Garnish with a cherry.

Good God is that sweet!  Too sweet.  WAAAAAY too sweet.

Oh well, live and learn I suppose. The Ouzo OF on the other hand...


I feel the need to defend myself here. First, I don't remember mentioning this idea (I was probably drunk, LOL), but it totally sounds like something I would say. Second, there are two problems here.

1) If I did indeed create this idea, I mostly certainly would have said that with such a sweet spirit, no syrup would be needed, like I said here: http://spiritedremix.blogspot.com/2010/11/review-evan-williams-honey-reserve.html

2) I feel you may be maiming the somewhat creamy flavor of the rum with the spice of Angostura (then again, I remember your orzata fizz). I think a smarter bitters choice could have been easily found for a light spirit such as this, like I said here: http://spiritedremix.blogspot.com/2011/06/old-fashioned-your-syrup-need-not-be.html

Anyway, I love crazy drink ideas and plugs, so bloody marvelous, good sir!
Dagreb said…
I knew it would be sweet, I just couldn't resist combining coconut and pineapple. It is a winner.
UPDATE: Just got a hold of Malibu Black... definitely pick it up if you're a coconut rum fan. Slightly aged base, upped ABV, and tons less sweet than Malibu. Begging for an OF. http://www.drinkhacker.com/2011/06/29/review-malibu-black-coconut-rum/

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