2:1 And A Good Idea

So, I thought I was so smart and had made a Martini as part of my Federal Glass Shaker project. Then I went to take a photo of the recipe. Oops!  I left out the lemon twist!  I did discover soemthing though, I enjoy a 2:1 Martini.  I was never a fan of the olive garnish but I quite like it with this much vermouth.  Conversely I'm not a fan of a 2:1 Gibson.  I doubt the lemon twist is going to change my opinion about either of these drinks, but...

So, I need to regroup, get some olives, make these drinks and report back.  In the meantime I can reiterate: 2:1 with olive = good. 2:1 with onion = meh.  More in depth information to follow in the weeks months to come.

I guess I'll just stick to my 24:1 Gibsons for now...


You, as the master blogger of Gibsons, I expect an update on this.

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