What was i looking for?

Things happen, or thoughts occur that i think would be good blog fodder. Then, when i go to blog i can't think of anything. I have a similar problem with search engines, i'll think of some topic i want to look up. "I should look that up," i'll say to myself, "The next time i'm online." Then i get online and i visit the same old sites, or i google people i know. (googling myslef is a lost cause, trust me). Very frustrating. The same thing used to happen at record stores (no one ever calls them "CD stores") still does, i just don't go as often. "I wonder if they have this band, or that band," i'd think on my way there."Perhaps i'll need to special order that Space Streakings CD." I'd get to the store and have an attack of 'DUH' and just go through the alphabet hoping something would seem familiar.

When i was younger than that i'd have trouble at comic book stores. (people still call them that) I'd be looking for a back issue of such and such and end up looking at them same 4 titles or going through the alphabet.

Maybe i need to write myself notes or something, obviously the mental ones don't work very well (please don't agree too strongly) Unfortunatley my note writing space is very limited. Anything more than 3 words is really pushing it. More on that some other time.


Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work.

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