Nigiri vs Maki: The Goodbye

So it has become our habit to eat at Wonder Sushi quite often. It's still not cheap (c'mon, it's Ontario) but it is very good and reasonable. Today i wasn't feeling so great so for the first time in a long time i had miso. Mmmmm warming miso. Anyway, we've decided (after watching today's Oprah about debt reduction) that we will make today our sushi farewell for a while. Also we will go back to the gym, instead of just paying for it. Along with that of course must be better dinner planning so we don't have to eat out so much and so that when we get home from the gym it isn't going to take forever to make dinner. Maybe there should be punctuation in that sentence, maybe not. With the money we save maybe we'll be able to take a trip, and be in better shape. Both physical and financial shape. We'll see. I'll [try to] keep you posted. Here's to the new plan. Moneysense, fitness and being on the ball.

I hear sushi's cheap in Vancouver.....


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