Knights 6 Majors 0

So, that had to be the least exciting shutout i've ever seen. Last nights game at the JLC hardly got a rise out of the crowd, until after the final whistle when things got a little chippy. The game itself however was quite boring, if you saw it you probably stopped watching it. If you were there you know what i mean. We were a little late getting to our seats after the first intermission. 2 minutes late actually. And we somehow missed 2 goals! We heard the crowd cheer for the second goal, but it was dead quiet before that. What gives? Things were louder during intermission, mostly from everyone talking. Oh well, they can't all be barn burners....

Nigiri vs Maki: Epilogue

Our sushi adventures have not ended. Before the game we went for some. Then we had to have some pizza to completely fill up. We're a little out of touch. We ordered the cheapest things we could without it being "water and a side salad". We'd forgotten what a la carte sushi prices are like. Aye Carumba! No wonder the all you can eat place is so popular. So we had 3 rolls and 5 peices for what today's filling lunch cost. Yes we've not given it up. We're just modifying. Sushi for weekend lunch instead of weekday dinner, all for the same price as a nice appetizer downtown.


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