Unpleasant coffee

I've had a problem the last two days with my coffee tasting a little off. Maybe ive been drinking too much Timmy's and my palate is off, but i doubt it. The problem is that there are just too many variables to pin it down. I guess i'll just have too clean all the apparati. The beans might be stale (stoopid Costco and their giant quantities), the grinder might be gummed up and oily, the water filter might need replacing, the resevior does need cleaning, the carafe equivalent (i'll explain some other time) might need to be scrubbed out. I made some Moka Pot coffee too and it seemed off. Again, might be the water, might be the beans, might be the grinder, might be the pot. I'll just have to clean everything and start again. or i could just put lots of brandy in every cup. i'm sure that would make it tast better.....


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