Andrew vs The Demons: Week 6 Blog Neglect

First a nutrition related confession: Today I had a chocolate chip muffin for breakfast a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and a chocolate dipped ice cream cone for dinner. I also had two coffees and a few glasses of cola. I think I should buy groceries! :P

There are mainly two ways in which my blog becomes neglected. Either I'm sitting at home feeling down and not motivated to write or I'm out living my life and barely find time to snap photos let alone write about what I'm doing. Lately it's been the latter. If any of you <a href="">follow my photos</a> you may have noticed some gaps lately. I'm not too down to take photos. I'm too busy keeping my phone in my pocket. When there are real live people around my phone goes away … mostly. That's enough news I think. 

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it people like me!" 
- Stuart Smalley

Be well. 


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