Andrew vs The Demons: Week 5 Halftime

It's midweek so I ought to post. 

My penchant for having <strike>inappropriate</strike> unusual reactions continues. Some of the time I respond in a way opposite to what one might expect. Much talk of Heaven and the eternity of one's soul left me not with hope and peace but left me unsettled and full of dread. I think this ought not be the case. Perhaps I was overly tired and already unsettled. Food, coffee, and friendly faces brought me back to normalcy, eventually. 

I could explain this phenomenon more clearly but perhaps now is not the time. 

Some time ago I would often misinterpret a full bladder as leg pain. There are other examples but that springs to mind most readily. I wonder how often I've misread cues for hunger or sleep. For that matter how often have I misinterpreted cues from other people? Do I continue to? Likely. Praise and criticism are things I likely don't understand correctly. 


Be well. 


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