Andrew vs The Demons: Week 3 Halftime-ish

When you have a blog you occasionally come across a blog that is much better than your own. Today I came across such a blog. I know not what the usual subject of the blog is but lately it's about depression. Check it out. Click here to visit Hyperbole And A Half. There is some of what they call "strong language" but we're all adults here, right? We can handle that.

So what about me? I think The Demons are on holiday. Self doubt and self pity have been around but they never stay for a second cuppa. Besides, they're supposed to show up now and again. Exuberance has been around too. At least that's what I'm calling it. I think my baseline mood has levelled up so... [metaphor about a power meter in a video game]. That'll do.

Be well.


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