Andrew vs The Demons: Week 1 Wrap Up

So how did Thursday end? It ended well. I'll spare you the video game analogies, this time. I received an unexpected gift. I leant a hand to someone in need. The rain stopped and the sun came out. There may have been a rainbow! I went to an event that in the past would have been far far outside my comfort zone but now somehow is within my comfort zone.

Friday I wore a shirt requiring cufflinks. You can't stop a man with cufflinks, you just can't.

Saturday was a day free from doubt. It might have been the Rabbi; it might have been the hamburgers. I suspect it had a lot to do with those who look a lot like me.

Sunday morning involved bacon and the AM In The A.M. playlist on Songza. I was in a good mood. I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and even though i was accosted in the street it didn't bother me. The day was rounded out by a nice chat over a couple of pints and that leads us to today. You will nee to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to hear about today.

Be well.


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