A 52 Week Battle

The keen observers amongst you will have noticed that my recent posts haven't actually been blog posts. This isn't just a post modern exercise. I've been having a struggle. I've decided that the small circle with whom I share things needs to expand. I'm going to fight Depression. I'm going to win. I'm going to keep score.

I'm not sure yet how these posts will take form but I'll at least post a weekly "score."
Andrew vs The Demons. So far this week (if the week starts on Monday) we're tied. I figure Depression is a liar and doesn't fight fair. So why should I fight fair ? I'm gonna call that bastard out!

Stay tuned. Stay healthy.


Aunt Rita said…
Depression is a liar. That is true. Is there anything I can tell you to arm you against the lies that depression tells?
Dagreb said…
It IS a liar. I welcome any advice for how to arm myself.

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