Andrew vs The Demons: Week 1 Halftime

First let me say I'm not sure exactly how these battle reports will take shape. At first I thought of it like a boxing match but observers write about those. Next I considered thinking of it like a video game or something. We'll see.

Our Intrepid Hero (like Spaceman Spiff!) has made it to lunchtime on Thursday. How's the battle so far?

The Demons took Monday and ran with it. Andrew retaliated on Tuesday aided by the coffee fuelled monkey on his back. Wednesday might have ended in a draw had it not been for an unexpected mood power up. The absurdity of Wednesday's weather also helped. It fuelled Andrew's laughter and kept The Demons at bay like a blover blowing away fog and balloon zombies. Thursday morning - despite coffee, much goodwill from others, and more absurd weather - The Demons kept Andrew on his heels.

How did Thursday turn out? Who will win the week? Stay tuned there's more after the break!


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