MxMo LXIV: Tiki!

It's Mixology Monday time!

February's MxMo is hosted by Doug. Doug has really outdone himself this time Tiki Month with many blog posts and side-blog posts, not just about drinks but about Tiki decor and music and all things tiki. I will admit I've not read everything and just skimmed some of the posts but you should read them all. No, really, you should read them all.

What is Mixology Monday, you ask? It's the monthly online cocktail party. What would a cocktail party be without food?  Well, it would just be a bunch of people getting drunk wouldn't it?  Despite my agreement with Joe's recent comment that all the tiki drinking should be offset by tiki eating I will leave the food recipes to other blogger(s) and offer you some beverages for the drivers and tee-totallers. You only invited drinkers you say? Just like the unfortunate appearance of douchebag Steve the people you invite and the people who show up are not always the same. So you must offer (along with food) some low or non-alcholoic drinks for your guests.  John and Marsha drove to your party and they're going to drive home too*. So, whoever loses (or maybe wins) at Rochambeau must remain sober. You could be predictable and offer pop soda or (plain old) coffee but in the spirit of a Tiki party why not make everything out of hard to find ingredients? Here we go:

Jamaique Fleur Cafe
2oz (strong) Serrano coffee 
1/4 tsp Zuko Jamiaca mix
1 pineapple chunk

Brew coffee in a Moka pot. If you have a more Episcopalian less Italian coffee maker use twice the amount of grounds you normally would. Stir in Zuko powder. Garnish (you heard me!) with a pineapple chunk.  Encourage your guest(s) to add the pineapple to the coffee. 


If you do add the pineapple to the cup the result is a flavour combination favoured by both Tiare and Col Tiki.   Two wonderful folks for whom Tiki month happens all year and if they like those flavours, well...

For the following drink use a non-alcoholic falernum.  Say, like this one from Rick.

3oz horchata
6oz soda
2oz falernum

Build as an egg cream in an ice cold glass.

There you have it folks. Two tiki-flavoured drinks for the non-drinkers at your party.

Oh, just one more thing:

Some music for your party. It is a party after all, get up and dance. None of this relaxing sounds of Martin Denny nonsense.

*John and Marsha live in a subdivision a) not serviced by the bus and b) full of convoluted streets. That makes directing a taxi driver an exasperating task when sober, let alone when coming home from a Tiki party.


I'm loving the horchata as an ingredient!

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