Maple Egg Cream

So, I "discovered" the Egg Cream.  How did I not know if this before? I don't know.  Anyway, far be it from me to educate you on the this historic drink.  Read this.   Ok, you've read it?  You've returned from Imbibe? Excellent.  The recipe in the July/August issue is a good one and also very adaptable.  Having no chocolate syrup on hand I took Peter Freeman's suggestion and made a maple egg cream.  Yum!  Delicious and expensive, excellent!  (Or is it expensive? Hmmm...)  Anyway, I tried it again with other syrups.  My Orgeat egg cream was ok.  A cinnamon one was better.  Then I decided to try something with cinnamon and fresh mint (more on that later).  So what's this magic recipe? 

Maple Egg Cream
3oz milk
7oz soda
2oz maple syrup

build, stir, enjoy.


Just like DJ Hawaiian Shirt's Alexander Ratio this allows for much experimenting (as already discussed above).  How 'bout Tiki-ing things up a bit?  Coconut milk, ginger beer, and falernum anyone?  I'll just keep that in the back of my mind until my Falernum awakes from the freezer (in zombie-like fashion).

Oh,  the horror puns!



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