Ginger Ale vs Ginger Beer

So, when is it one and not the other? I will research and get back to you.  My first attempt at making ginger ale (with A.B.'s recipe) was so-so.  I suspect I did shook too gently during the "shake gently" step of the preperation. 

In other news, tonight I experienced the music of Tim Brady.  I suggest you do the same.

Stay tuned!


erik.ellestad said…
I often wonder about this myself and have detected little rhyme or reason.

For me, a naturally fermented ginger beverage is ginger beer, while carbonated ginger flavored syrup is ginger ale.

For most commercial manufacturers, it seems like spiciness, often with the addition of 'natural' flavorings like capsaicin, defines ginger beer.

I eagerly await your conclusions.

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