Powdered Red Beverages

Perhaps it should be red powdered beverages. I'm not sure...

Anyway, I had a canister of Gatorade powder. I brought it to work to replenish myself after my lunchtime "workout."  One of my co-workers had brought hot chocolate mix.  We noticed the ease with with hot chocolate dissolves in hot water and the lack of ease with which the Gatorade powder dissolved in cold water.  So, in Julian Smith fashion (and mostly as a joke) we made some Hot Gatorade figuring that the powder would dissolve very easily. It turned out to be rather tasty too.  Who knew?  

Whilst grocery shopping we (the missus and I) encountered Zuko Jamaica flavor drink mix.  Already familiar with Jarritos Jamaica soda (and armed with the knowledge that allspice is also called piment de la Jamaïque) I was expecting a clove-nutmeg-cinnamon drink. I was not expecting fruit punch. But there it was. Cloves and fruit punch. Wha!? Further research revealed that it is actually hibiscus (or flor de Jamiaca) flavoured.  So too, allegedly, is the Jarritos drink. I'll need to sample that again and report back...

Hmmm, what will I do with this fantastic flavour from the Caribbean? 

Watch out!


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