TDN Double Barrel

[UPDATE: June 26 2012]: I have renamed my drink Dagreb's Hat. In deference to the Medicine Hat made by Bar-X.

When first I started reading the booze blogs I was intrigued by something called "Thursday Drink Night." The idea is to extemporise cocktails based on a theme. It's usually a specific theme ingredient but not always. The most recent night was before Xmas and the theme was "Double Barrelled." The cocktails must contain at least two barrel aged ingredients. As it turns out my drink actually has three such ingredients, but that wasn't my aim.

So, how's it work? With bottles near at hand intrepid imbibers log in to the chat room and start mixing! The chatting happens here. The drinks appear here. Amazing!

(Once upon a time the blogging of the drinks after the fact happened here. Like some cocktail blogs it seems to be on hold for some reason....)

UPDATE: Dr Bamboo has a new post!
Anyway, there was a small group. Smaller than any Thursday night I've logged in to before. So small that I was able to contribute! Again, amazing!

Here's the drink:

Medicine Hat

0.75oz Canadian Whisky
0.75oz brandy
0.75oz Fernet-Branca

I drank mine on the rocks. It could just as easily be stirred and strained. You could even go the extra mile and garnish with an orange twist. Just don't go too far!

It was suggested that the cocktail resembled a Toronto. Subtract sugar and Ango add brandy. So the chat turned to Canadian cities. My suggestion of a Toronto suburb didn't get any votes. The subsequent ideas seemed a little silly until.... Medicine Hat! I found it to be very fitting. (Moreso the medicine than the hat. "Fernet is a little medicinal," I thought to myself. "And it's also in the Apothecary."). So the Medicine Hat it was/is!

When first I learned of TDN I found the idea of inventing cocktails a little daunting. This was especially the case when strange liquors I don't have were involved. So how was I able to invent a drink? I changed one ingredient from another drink, that's how! So, here's how:

Several bloggers have sung the praises of the Corpse Reviver #2. Whilst looking through my cocktail books I discovered two things. First: Charles Schumann's #2 recipe is different that what everyone else seems to have. Second: There's a Corpse Reviver #3!!

(Okay so that didn't really require two exclamation marks).

(Charles Schumann's) Corpse Reviver #3

0.75 Fernet-Branca
0.75 brandy
0.75 creme de menthe

stir & strain, garnish with orange twist
This sounded tasty to me. Or to me tasty this drink sounded. Or something. I had no creme de menthe so I made one without it and enjoyed it. Then I commented about it for some reason...

So, double barrelled..... I perused our liquor selection. Anejo Tequila and brandy? No. Whisky and something? Whisky and something...

So I added whisky to the 2/3 reviver and a nameless drink was born! It didn't remain nameless for long. Photo to follow.



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