In a short search I couldn't find this cocktail recipe online. I tried the usual suspects and came up with nothing. If I tried harder or searched longer I might find it but that will wait for another day. I can't actually make this drink as Punt e Mes is not available around here. Also, there is no Cremè de Menthe in the house. Here it is:


0.75oz Punt e Mes
0.75oz Fernet-Branca
0.25oz Cremè de Menthe (green)

stir, strain, serve in chilled cocktail glass

As found in Charles Schumann's American Bar and nowhere else apparently.

This post is one in an erratic and unplanned series in my lackadaisical effort to make (or not) most of the drinks (or most of the drinks that pique my interest) in Charles Schumann's American Bar.


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