Manhattan - Federal Glass Shaker Recipe

The second drink when travelling left to right is the Manhattan. I think there is ample information online about this drink. In fact I think there is ample information about it everywhere. (i.e. bars, people you know, magazines, liquor bottles, even cocktail shakers! How 'bout that?)

Manhattan Shaker

Anyway the recipe is:

1oz sweet vermouth
2oz whisky
dashes of bitters
stir with ice
add cherry

That's it. No fuss, no muss. This is different but also the same as the Manhattan that I usually make. I used to use this recipe:

1.5oz whisky
.75oz sweet vermouth
dashes bitters

And then I wanted to be perfect:

1.5oz whisky
.25oz dry vermouth
.25oz sweet vermouth
bitters, stir, cherry you know the drill

I'm unsure what sort of proportions one usually gets in bars...

I have mentioned my cocktail beginnings with the Manhattan in the
past. (Or rather I have mentioned in the past my cocktail beginnings etc.)I think it needs to make a comeback to my repertoire. To long sidelined by the Gibson and the Sidecar. Behold the triumphant return of the Manhattan!

Anyway, this is a big drink. I had to get out the big glass for it! (No, really. It didn't fit in
this glass.) Don't worry though, I figured out my capacity problem before hand. There wasn't Manhattan all over the counter or anything. So, it's a big drink, it's tasty and the bottles I used are probably the most likely to have been used when the shaker was new: C.C.; Martini & Rossi; Angostura. Maybe not though... For all I know it could have been Stock and Schenley!

I do enjoy these proportions, and really it's the same as I used to make. It's just a bigger drink! So is the bitters proportion off balance as a result? Who can say. I dash my bitters rather than measure them. (If I need a dash of a liquor I measure though... I've got a little spoon labelled "dash". I'm sure you've seen these things.) Is there anything to be gained by exact measuring of the bitters? Only more Manhattans will tell!



Anonymous said…
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Dagreb said…
We should all strive to "incorporate the reality which are not accesible from anywhere else."

Those phrase generators get a little more coherent eveyday!

good grief.

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