A New Project

The Coffee 365 finished and the prospect of a weekly tiki drink to photograph being unlikely I have come up with a new project. Not a daily photo, not necessarily even a weekly photo. There will be 7 photos in all.

We have in our bar several shakers. One of the Boston shakers is a Federal Glass with recipes written around it. I plan to make each of these cocktails following the proportions on the shaker. Then I will photograph the cocktail. Presumably I will then drink it, we'll see. This project should give me much more time to plan and set-up my shots when compared to the 365. I could have spent more time on the coffee photos but often I did not.

Stay tuned for photos and for this post to be populated with links. Who knows, it may turn out that I prefer these recipes over my current ones. I'm not so sure about the 2:1 Martini.....



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