A Collection Begins?

I bought my first tiki mug. Discovered at Value Village. I need more than one for it to be a collection. My coffee maker collection was haphazard and unplanned and currently there is a moratorium, I think. If mugs continue to be found second hand at second hand prices I think this new collection is sustainable. I still haven't yet cleaned this enough to consider actually drinking out of it. Will I ever actually use it? Time will tell.
Carved Mug-Mom-Fort Lauderdale

In the meantime i need to figure out what I put in some rum punch back in June...

I'll tell you why later.


Colonel Tiki said…
That mug needs some hot buttered rum in it.
Dagreb said…
I don't know Colonel... I'm afraid heat might cause it to be hot shellaced rum. Knowhatimean?

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