Booze Blogs

Lately I've been reading several blogs about spirits and cocktails. I mentioned this and included some links in my most recent post. I was thinking about throwing my hat in the ring and blogging about cocktails myself....then I started to realise just how many there are already. I don't think I have much to offer that isn't already being covered. Oh well, I'll just stick to the comments sections I suppose...

I made up a facetious quiz to see if I've got what it takes to booze blog. The post is still sitting in draft. It wasn't as funny as I thought it'd be.

It perhaps needs more time to develop. The main joke comes down to only a few questions on the quiz.

Do you have facial hair?

Yes, mostly out of laziness though. Rarely out of any sort of plan...

Do you wear Hawai'ian shirts?

Doesn't everyone?

Do you live in Pennsylvania?

No, but I do live close to Lake Erie and I am at the mercy of a government run liquor store...:-D

Why Pennsylvania? It seemed appropriate, until I started to realise the breadth of the booze blogs, now it isn't quite so funny. I also had a question about brimmed hats. There is an odd connection in the cocktail world with beards and fedoras. I don't pretend to understand it, I just know about it.


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