So, I recently went to a theme birthday party. This past Saturday actually. That's right, coinciding with St Patrick's Day. The theme was Pirates! It was a party for an adult. Or possibly an "adult." Depends on your point of view, i suppose. Anyway, 20+ people out at the bar dressed like pirates. Arrrrrr! I was going to make my whole costume but i did purchase some toys as accesories. A hook, a sword, an eyepatch, you get the idea. The toys make noise. Activated by a button on the hilt the sword makes clangy swashbuckly noises. The pistol makes pistolly noises. The hook, however, may be broken. It spontaneously makes clangy noises. The button does nothing. Remember this fact.

After sorting out my costume Friday night and Staurday morning i anxiously awaited the party. My chauffeur arrived and off we went. My bag of "weapons" at my feet. We discussed our respective costumes and who would or would not be attending. It occured to me that though fanciful and unrealistic my "weapons" may be frowned upon. We discussed this. One never knows what will be confiscated by a doorman at a bar. Anyway, immediately after i said "I hope my 'weapons' don't get taken away," from the bag came crash, clang, schink! Hilarious! Luckily my driver is skilled at busting a gut while driving. Maybe you had to be there. Maybe not. The fake-noise-making-hook was the highlight of "before the party". I did not get to experience "after the party" but that's just as well. The party itself was a blast. A ridiculous attention getting who-the-hell-are-those-pirates blast.


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