Ouroborus Lemniscate

I am currently intrigued by symbology. I don't know why. Maybe it's my lack of active religioning, maybe it's my feeling that words are often inadequate, maybe it's my desire for a tatto without a concrete idea of what it should be. I don't know. Anyway, one symbol i'm a big fan of is the ouroborus, the serpent eating it's tale (oops, tail). Unrelatedly, or so i thought, i have always been fascinated by the Moebius strip. Wasn't i pleasantly surprised to find a combination of the two. A serpent eating it's tail in the form of a figure eight, or infinity, or........THE MOEBIUS STRIP! Fantastic. Quite literally. The Ouroborus lemniscate. Ahhh.... The lemniscate itself is also interesting and infinite. Hmmm... It seems that many symbols, especially those turned into jewelry or tattoos, mean the same or similar things. Interesting.... Redundant? Not really. A reflexion of the many facets of humanity perhaps. We all find ways of being nearly the same. In very different ways. Go figure. ;)


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