Ahh, hand roll

So, on our latest sushi adventure we ordered our largest number yet of hand rolls. As i was enjoying one of them i was imagining taking some to a picnic, or a hockey game! It seems like it could go anywhere. I think the hand roll may be the world's most perfect food. I knwo some give that honour to the banana. I don't see much difference 'tween the banana and the apple in terms of portability and ready-to-eat-ness. True, fuit does not require preperation, however once prepared the hand roll is highly portable. And tasty too! Kind of like a seafood icecream cone, without the drips. Most excellent. As i may have stated earlier the handroll does not require bites of a specific size. One can take as much or as little as desired in a bite. Also excellent. Because of the seaweed "cone" there is much less chance for mess when compared to maki. Especially excellent for messy me. Hooray for the handroll! Boo for all the other crap that's been going on. We don't need to discuss any of that right now though.

PS I knwo i spelled know "knwo"


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