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 When last I posted it was about La Florida.  I subsequently made a Papa Dobles and while I contemplated how to present that drink to you - you see, It isn't an indexed drink in Beachbum Berry's Grog Log it is merely a footnote on page 47 with inexact measurements - I continued making drinks and taking photos and writing notes. Then I moved on to drinks from Intoxica! and other sources and because of how behind I'd gotten with Grog Blogging I left it alone.  That changes today! If you'd like to see photos of drinks please check out my Flickr. The photos go until Astro Aku Aku.  The notes go a little farther (or is it further?). 

I'll tell you this much about the Port Light:  as written in Grog Log it's too sweet and overpowers the bourbon. The same is true of the Scotch version, the Starboard Light.  I had wanted to enjoy both these drinks and found them disappointing.  My disappointment coupled with my quandary about the Papa Dobles may be why dust has settled on my random access journey through Grog Log.  Anyway I have now "checked off" but will not blog about: Outrigger (which is a shame just for topographical reasons within the version I have of Grog Log), Jasper's Jamaican, Red Tide, Captain's Grog, Pago Pago, Planter's Punch, Pieces Of Eight, Oceanic Punch, Astro Aku Aku, Port Light.  Some of these drinks I enjoyed and some I did not.  Regardless I haven't made any of them a second time.  Wait...

That's a lie!  

I made the Port Light more than once because I thought for sure I'd measured wrong.  Sadly I had not and my bourbon was obfuscated.  

We'll pick it up again in the new year with Don's Own Planter's.
Astro Aku Aku

Be well


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