First of all let's present the recipe:

4 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
1 oz Coco Lopez cream of coconut
2 oz 95⁰ Pusser's rum
powdered cinnamon
ground nutmeg
Blend without ice and pour into a tall glass filled with crushed ice.  Top with nutmeg and cinnamon.


I may have blended with ice. I also omitted the other garnish mentioned in Grog Log so have left them out of my recipe.

The first stumbling block here is the rum.  Pusser's is available in Ontario but not 47.5%abv.  The bottle I currently have open is 40% (This is interesting as the bottles I bought a couple months ago were 42%.  42% I believe is the current expression).  Did my nearest lickbo open a previously collecting dust case? Who's to say. 

The second stumbling block is the legal one.  Pusser's have trademarked "Painkiller" so making the drink with a different rum makes it legally something else.  This isn't particularly a problem if you're just mixing at home but may cause problems for bars and... published recipes.  

What's a fella to do?  Make the cocktail twice is what.  Once with Pusser's 80⁰ (which to my recollection tastes the same as the newer 84⁰ expression) and once with 95.2⁰ Plantation Guyana 2008.

Is it worth making with the expensive bottle of Plantation?  I don't think so.  Both versions were good but not substantially different. It's great and tasty with (whichever bottle of) Pusser's (you've got)!  A creamy sweet "boat-drink" that disappears in a hurry.  Save the other rums for sipping and enjoy this pasteis de nata washed down with a Julius. 



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