Navy Grog

 Usually I prefer some spice in my Navy Grog in the form of allspice liqueur or syrup.  I think this is because I use honey mix when making a honeyed grog.  Most recipe sources for this type of Navy Grog call for honey mix (in fact the recipe that accompanies an Ice Cone Kit even calls for it). In Grog Log it is not the mix but merely heated 'til liquid honey which is specified, much like in the Never Say Die. There are further interesting unusual instructions for the Navy Grog, to wit: 

"Heat honey until liquid, then mix with juices in a blender.  Stir in rums and soda."

Stir in the rums and soda, eh? 

This is what I've done.  In fact I've dispensed with the blender altogether.  I'll add my method in the recipe.  
Navy Grog
¾ lime juice
¾ grapefruit juice
¾ honey
1 light Puerto Rican rum
1 dark Jamaican rum
1 Demerara rum
1 chilled club soda

In a mixing tin combine honey and juices to incorporate them.  (Whisk together or stir with a spoon, chopstick, etc). Stir in rums and soda.  Pour into a DOF filled with crushed ice. Serve with a rock candy stick. Adapted from pg 53 Beachbum Berry's Grog Log.

The candy stick garnish is perhaps a story for another day... perhaps, even, to be told by someone else.

As I mentioned I usually like more spice in my Navy Grog but this full honey version (in similar fashion to the full honey Never Say Die) was much more flavourful than I've had in the past. Delicious! I felt it required a second tasting (there may have also been a third) with an ice cone.  If you're so inclined you can make an ice cone using a pilsner glass.  There's a great tutorial complete with wonderful drawings at Dr Bamboo! Failing that you can also order the Cocktail Kingdom official Beachbum Berry stainless steel version

When served with the cone the drink is equally as flavourful.  I think my choices of rums* may have played a roll as well as the Clovermead goldenrod honey. Who's to say?  I think this may become the summer of the Navy Grog.  Even though I've got a long way to go through the Grog Log periodic visits of which rums work best for me in a Navy Grog can't be such a bad thing.

Be well

*Plantation 3 Star, Myers's, Pusser's


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