Rum Lift

 Here we have perhaps the neglected middle child of tiki drinks.  Not to be found in TotalTiki. Seldom discussed anywhere recipes are shared.  This supposed hangover cure from the late sixties is not something I'm likely to make again.  There are hints that the Tonga Hut version contains honey.  Who's to say?

Rum Lift
Rum Lift
dash Angostura
2 oz orange juice
½ oz pineapple juice
¼ oz lime juice
1½ oz dark Jamaican rum
Shake with ice. Pour into a tall glass. 
Garnish: Maraschino cherry & pineapple spear

I didn't really enjoy this.  I may make it again to see if my opinion changes... but I doubt I'll get around to that. My notes were: "juice, but not juicy; a little dry. an evening extender perhaps. ultimately the garnish was more flavourful and interesting."



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