MxMo One Oh Four: Parade Of Forgiveness

I did my best to offer more than one definition of a Forgiving Cocktail. Let's see which aspect most struck a chord:

First to arrive is Dr. Gary Elliot of His Eponymous Mixology with an appealing twist on a drink with a ratio that can't be nailed down.

Second is Pete Barmeister (is that his real name?) of Meticulous Mixing who encourages us to relax, perhaps in the tub, and find a rug with which to tie the room together. Maybe have a second drink too...

Third I, your humble host, make a template out of a New Orleans classic.

Fourth we have Leigh of Salt & Bitters sandwiching gin or tequila or whatever between celery and some bubbly!

Fifthly fabulous Fred forgive's Fleming's figurative firewater fiasco fortuitously forgoing filtered foreign... bottlings.

  Sixth to arrive are the Boozenerds with three takes on a classic we all "Count" on from time to time.

Seventh is Joel of Southern Ash with another bubbly concoction. This one indicative of his Italian roots.

So there you have it folks. I'll leave the door unlocked as I'm hoping a few more guests will drop by...

                                                              *      *     *

Here's one now! It's the tikitender himself JFL (Eddie?) from Rated R Cocktails riding into town on fumes with a Tiki Skeleton.

Next is Marius Iordache of Arcane Potions with a tropical libation and laissez-faire approach to measuring citrus juice!

Finally (so far) is Thiago Barbosa of the Bartending Notes blog with thoughts about the prescribed verus the practiced, the Italian outlook, and a bottle of Spumante.

I can't say which aspect of forgiveness was most appealing to people (bubbles?) but I thank everyone who participated! Thank you to Fred Yarm for allowing me to host and thank you to DJ Hawaiian Shirt for suggesting I host this theme!

If I've left anyone out or misspelled anything please let me know.



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