Mixology Monday CIV: Forgiving Cocktails

I'll be honest, when the MxMo theme is too metaphorical I struggle with the concept; usually I opt out. Hopefully my theme for this month doesn't vex you in a similar fashion. The idea has been rolling around in my head for a while, the idea of forgiving cocktails. I'll attempt to explain.

It could be the antithesis of a drink so delicately structured that even 1/8 oz too much or too little of an ingredient causes a train-wreck. I'm not suggesting all out free-pouring but perhaps you've come across a recipe that can roll with the punches of an over/under pour now and again. Perhaps you're at a ballroom or a hotel and the unenthusiastic and/or fresh-faced (bar) staff don't inspire confidence. They may not know Campari from calamari but If you want a cocktail what do you do?  Order something that can't go too wrong. A Manhattan? Perhaps a Negroni or whatever in your wheelhouse is the drink equivalent of pizza, ...or sex. (you recall that old adage don't you?)

This idea of forgiving cocktails first began for me when one night I swapped the "bottom shelf" for the "top middle shelf" and was delighted by the results. It wasn't exactly the same but it was delicious none the less! The idea continued with other drinks that wlecomed whicever brand I was pouring. Perhaps for you similar things have happened with a Mai Tai or an Adonis. Perhaps you've made a stinger with Spanish brandy and been pleased with the reuslts? Whatever it may be find or invent a drink you feel is a forgiving cocktail and share the results.

How do you participate?

- Discover or invent a recipe that is your idea of a Forgiving Cocktail!

- Include the MxMo logo and a link back to Mixology Monday and Nihil Utopia in your post. 

- Alert me of your submission in the comments on this blog-post or tweet me @dagreb (with the hashtag #MxMo please).

- The deadline is December 21st. Please be punctual as I would like to have the roundup posted before Christmas Eve.



Unknown said…
Thanks for hosting. Great theme!

Here is our contribution: http://docelliott.net/mxmo-civ/
Pete said…
Interesting topic. It made me revisit an old classic I really like, the White Russian.

Dagreb said…
Forgive me!
Unknown said…
Thanks for hosting! Mine is up now.

Anonymous said…
Our entry for this month, http://wp.me/p2Kswh-cy7, the Negroni 3 ways.

Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said…
I must ask forgiveness for being so late! With all the Tornado Warnings around here I had to take indoor photos. Still, I really liked your theme bud. http://ratedrcocktails.com/2015/12/23/mxmo-forgiveness-make-your-planters/
Unknown said…
Damn... late again!
Here is my contribution. Happy holidays!

Unknown said…
I forgot to write get my link in here...
Though you would get a pingback.
MXMO CIV: Italian School Of Cocktais | Bartending Notes


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