MxMo XCIV That's Not A Martini: Recapitulation

C'mon now, you didn't think I'd call this a "roundup" now did you? This past monday was the virtual cocktail party known as Mixology Monday.  I challenged everyone to present a Martini that is more than a Martini. Anyway, on with the hat parade:

 First, and (UPDATE: no longer) frustrating for me, is Craig Eliason with his entry on eGullet: The Girly-O Martini. Here's a link instead as well to the Kindred Cocktails listing he's made. A rejiggered Gilroy. Too bad I'm out of Heering, I like the sound of this one!
Next The Boozenerds present a savoury offering and a citrusy one: North Of The Wall and Hot House. Any time whisky and olives can be combined I (perversely) enjoy it!
Brenda Sharpe of 4:00 Delicious Cocktail Time makes some deft substitutions and presents us with Elmakule Martiki. Definitely not a Martini! ...also not not a Martini. ;)
The cocktailian, epicurean, anesthesioligist, Gary "Doc" Elliot presents us with two drinks. One to fight malaria and one to promote good digestion, perhaps. The Gin-n-Tini takes the fizz out of a GnT and, well you'll see. Perhaps you'd rather get your feet wet (or not) with The Wellington. I imagine it's like Motorhead in a glass...

Despite the criticism Marius Iordache of Arcane Potions gives his own drink it's not "all thumbs''! In fact it may be necessary for me  to pick up a new liqueur so I too can imbibe a Green Thumb Martini.

Our fearless leader Fred Yarm of Cocktail Virgin Slut leafs through his impressive library and gives us a Louisiana named drink on this the Monday before Shrove Tuesday... or maybe sometimes a red stick is just a red stick. 

Next Matthew of Augustine-Bar puns it up with an Alginquin (yes, you read that right). Gin and pineapple, would that not be nice?
Also from Germany is the mysterious host of Swizzzzzzzlesticks. Oops, I may have added too many zeds! Here we have a spicy little number of which some components are round and pink: the Madras. You'll need to plan ahead but, whoa boy!
Bespectacled Ian Lauer of Tempered Spirits gives us what a Scandinavian James Bond might drink while gambling in China, or not.  The Shanghai. (I wanted to comment about the photos but do you think I could remember my wordpress password?)

Back in Ontario Whitney Munro of Tipicular Fixin's gets down and dirty with Preserved Lemon Dirt. As a weekend kitchen project I may have to give this one a try! 

Hilary of Spirited Away brings us La Fee Verte Martini. A vermouth split, an Absinthe rinse, why am I not drinking this right now? Oh, right, I'm not at home. All I've got is Beau's LugTread and some Kirsch... Anyway, this is the drink I wish I had presented but I didna. And it's from a MxMo first timer too, good show!
So what did I come up with? What's Dagreb's hat upon a Martini? Well, it's not a men's magazine that's for sure! A less cluttered Twentieth Century I stirred up a Maxim.
Tiki-slinger exceptionnel, my longtime Mixoloseum and twitter compatriot JFL of Rated R Cocktails tempts me and taunts me that my homemade creme de banane won't be good enough for his Mane'o Keke Martini. We shall see, we shall see.
The alchemist at The Shrubbery, Beca, makes no bonds about it and shakes up The Canticle Of Bond complete with bitters I haven't got and an intriguing shrub!
FrogPrincesse, Parisienne by way of San Diego, at Tartines To Tikis gives us a true twist with the Plum Blossom Martini
Regular MxMo host and contributor Andrea of Ginhound smokes us out with spiced gin and Ardbeg in, wait for it, her Smoky Martini. There's also a hint of Tiki Month in the post, check it out!
So there you have it folks- wait, what? Oh yes, the stragglers:

Muse asked for an extension. Since I wouldn't be able to do a proper write up until week's end I figured missing the deadline was no big deal. Besides, there's always a guest or two who's late to the party. So what have we got?

Muse of Doom at Feu de Vie uses my favourite descriptor of this MxMo: "Your proboscis will discover much herbacity" when alluding to the aroma of her Kyprian Pirate (no, no, not Kypreos). Arrack and pastis and rose water, oh my!

Staggering straggling in a week behind schedule is Laura of Sass & Gin with what I at first thought (through poor reading comprehension) was a Half-Montgomery (or would that be a double Montgomery?) but is actually a sweet Martini. Why not try it... and get your feet wet! ;)

Much thanks to Fred for taking my theme suggestion seriously. Thank you to all the contributors for a great Mixology Monday! If I've neglected anyone please let me know by commenting here or on the announcement post or by tweeting me @dagreb.



Anonymous said…
I'm so glad I could introduce you to the San Francisco Bitters Co. Their products have been ridiculously fun to play with.

Anonymous said…
Many thanks for the fantastic Roundup of this great theme!
Craig Eliason said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig Eliason said…
Thanks for the roundup!
Sorry you initially had trouble with my link--and if you get a chance to correct the typo in my first name, Craig, please do!
Dagreb said…
Oh dear! Perhaps I had had tii many Martoonis. Fixed now.
Unknown said…
Oh! Was I really a week late!?! Guess I read the deadline wrong. You really didn't have to include me. Thank you!!!!!
Dagreb said…
No worries! There's always room for one more. Although I can't go being as generous as Lucia Pamela with her International Colouring Contest.
MJM said…
Thanks for the roundup! And again sorry for the cocktail name pun! ;)
Dagreb said…
Who among us doesn't enjoy a good booze pun?

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