"I Resolve To Call Her Up A Thousand Times A Day. Ask Her If She'll Marry Me..."

Sometimes you have to put your own plans aside and give the people what they want. The Federal Glass Martini and Gibson will wait. The 10 drinks from Cocktaildb with an onion garnish will wait. TNT will wait. Acapulco will wait. Daily dinners will wait. Here then, as I promised threatened long ago, is the drink to end all drinks. You think my fizz/buck had a lot of Ango? You think Erik posted an impropbable drink? Think the Stormy Mai Tai is silly? Maybe instead you think the Trinidad Sour is where it's at? Regardless,  I'll bet you think you know what cloves taste like. I doubt it. C'mon now, I dare you. I dared you to drink a Yellow Rattler. Time for a real challenge. Drink this!

Angostura Old Fashioned
2 oz Angostura Aromatic Bitters
0.5 oz cane syrup
1 dash Peychaud's Bitters

Build over ice. Garnish with a lime twist. But not some sissy basket weaving lime twists. No, an optical illusion!

This is good. Not so good that I don't need anything else in my liqour cabinet but good none the less.


Cheers! Pogue Mahone!


Doug Winship said…
I am not afraid to admit it: I fear this drink.
Jordan said…
Now that is some creative garnishing!
Dagreb said…
What have I done? Afraid!? The only thing to fear is the fact that my OXO jigger is now (permanently?) stained red. I think I need a do-over on the garnish. A do-over utilising a geometry set, maybe.


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