Naming Rights

Coffee 229/365 The local sports arena/concert venue is slated to undergo a name change. It seems the John Labatt Centre will become Budweiser Gardens. This sort of thing happens all the time. The rights holder changes the name or the rights expire and go to the highest bidder which also results in a name change. There may be some public debate but ultimately we have no say. Just as I have no say in the names of cocktails at Salt Lake's Bar-X. It has come to my attention that they serve a drink called Medicine Hat. I named a drink that once. It was at TDN: Double Barreled.

So, what to do? Do I rename my drink? Do I leave it be and let two recipes exist on KC to confound future imbibers as to how one drink can have two recipes?

I don't know. Let me sleep on it, I'll give you an answer in the morning.



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