"I Am A Shrubber"

June 7th at the request begging of JFL there was a low key TDN. A pop-up if you will. TDN: Berries.
After dinner in downtown Charleston the Missus and I returned to our hotel. Just to see what blueberry drinks had been concocted I logged in to twitter. Much to my surprise The "unofficial" TDN was getting tweeted from  The Mixoloseum. To the chatroom I went! JFL had left but Fred and Zach were there. As I was in a hotel room and without supplies I felt I had nothing to contribute. Fred suggested that a theoretical drink would suffice. Instead I went with a drink I had made the week before after making a strawberry gastrique. The drink, and the others from that weeks TDN, can be found here. While true that I did not offer my gastrique recipe at the time I will present it now:

Strawberry Gastrique
4 oz apple cider vinegar
2 oz raspberry balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup stewed strawberries
1 cup sugar
Bring liquid and fruit to a boil. Stir in sugar. Simmer for 20min. Strain through a coffee filter in to a Santa Claus shaped jar. Let cool. 

I used Jonny Raglin's Ginger Gastrique (as found in F&W Cocktails 2012) recipe as a starting point. The discussion at some point turned to shrubs and how they differed from gastriques. The consensus was that a shrub goes in a glass and a gastrique on a plate. Nevertheless Jonny Raglin calls his a gastrique. Who am I to argue?



Rowen said…
Wow! Kiwi-strawberry really is a fruit! Heh. Seriously, though, looks delish. I like balsamic and strawberry together, and might have to do something in that direction soon myself.
Zach said…
Most of what I've come across for shrubs has used a 'cold' method (ie. longer macerations in the fridge), although I know there are approaches that call for them to be made over heat, such as the one you posted. I think in some respects, especially if cooking over a simmer for a period of 20-30, there is some reduction in volume, which yields it (shrub or gastrique) a more viscous end product. Regardless, thanks for the recipe, how have you been using this in cocktails?
Dagreb said…
The strawbkiwi was leftover from a night of making syrups. Syrups about which I will post soon.

Most shrub recipes I've encountered also are quite large in volume. I.e. calling for cups of ingredients rather than ounces. I used the recipe I did to avoid having a more than I could consume. As for cocktails I'm still working that out, mostly it's gone into virgin drinks that are Pussyfoot descendants.


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