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Lime & Orange To make a good drink you need good ingredients. Neon "maraschino" cherries are not a good ingredient. Either buy some Luxardo cherries or make your own brandied cherries. Though to be fair I haven't even followed my own advice, yet. I'm getting by with Twilight Cherries. Anyway, the neon ones are to be avoided.  I was once tempted by some stemmed blue cherries but they stayed on the shelf.  And then...

Whilst shopping with Cutes she spied a jar of green cherries.  I paid them no mind as I figured they were for baking. Then I noticed the stems.

"You should get these," she said. "They could be a blog topic."

"I don't know," said I.

Then I read the label. May contain pits? Lime flavoured? Made by Whytes?

Lime flavoured!?

Lime flavoured!?

Yes, Doug, onions lime flavoured!

So with coercion approval from the missus I bought a jar.  I expected them to smell like green popsicles and that is exactly what I was greeted with when I opened the jar. The taste was less acidic than an actual lime but still more like lime than, say, cherry. Eating one is a bit of a trip akin to eating a Dorito and tasting a cheeseburger thought nowhere near as awesome.

So what to do with these things? I dunno...


frederic said…
One of my friends bought me a bottle as a gift for one of our cocktail parties to mock me. Back then, it was because we were anti-garnish, I believe. The bottle still is with us 4+ years later. We've used them twice. Once to garnish a Tiki drink. And once for a LUPEC drink that called for a red and a green cherry.
I don't dislike commercial maraschino cherries, but I fully understand them for what the are.

One of my guilty pleasures is exactly what you have here. You can occasionally find various cherry colors and even flavors. I have a jar of unopened green cherries in my cabinet and even a jar of orange ones that are flavored with passionfruit. Embrace it!

Here is a post I made a while back with berry-flavored blue ones:

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