Tom Collins - Federal Glass Shaker Recipe

Ah, the Tom Collins.  One of those drinks you know of long before you're old enough to drink.  Possibly because of a paper placemat in a Chinese restaurant. Possibly not.  Maybe that's just me, anyway...

Tom Collins Shaker

The Recipe:
juice of 1 lime or lemon
1 teaspoon sugar
2 oz gin
shake and add ice
club soda and fruit

And i thought The Daiquiri recipe was weird!  Well, the last item anyway but what do i know?

So, lime or lemon, eh?  That certainly makes for wide variation in the drink.  I used a lime, a large one. I ended up with a bit more than 1 oz of juice.  I used powdered sugar this time.  I did shake it (which made me think it was a fizz, more on that later) and I shook it with ice despite the directions. I added ice to a collins glass.  (Is that what they meant?  I hope so).  Far as fruit goes I went with a cherry and a lime twist.

Tom Collins overhead

This was okay, but a little lighter refreshment than I was looking for.  I would have prefered a Fizz or even think some Rose's topped with soda would have had more flavour.  Maybe I need a more flavourful gin...

So how is this not a Fizz?  I defer to The Underhill Lounge for that one.   Collins=long tall and soda; Fizz= short and boozy.  Short and boozy wins (almost) every time!

Next up in the series: The Martini!



I'm with you on the fizzes. What kind of gin are you using?
Dagreb said…
Today, Beefeater.

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