Whisky Sour - Federal Glass Shaker Recipe

We have several cocktail shakers. One of them has recipes on it. As promised I'm blogging my way through the drinks. This is the first one:
Whisky Sour
Whisky Sour

3/4oz lemon juice
1/2tsp sugar
1 1/2oz whisky
shake with fine ice
add slice of orange

I didn't have fine ice; I used regular. The whisky was Wiser's Reserve (currently called Small Batch), mostly. There was only about 1 1/4oz left in the bottle, I made up the difference with C.C. even though I don't usually care for it. Beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

So, how was it? Whisky-y and sour. The orange slice is a nice addition, I had Valencia oranges which likely made for a more fragrant garnish. Maybe it didn't though, what do I know? Nothing too unexpected here, I like the proportions and I expect I'll try this sour recipe with other spirits. Stay tuned...

Whisky Sour


Doug Winship said…
This is a really cool idea for a set of posts!
Dagreb said…
Thanks Doug! The one that can't be named is up next after the Manhattan. Stay tuned! BTW thanks for inspiration for lime garnish:
Tiare said…
Its a very cool idea to post recipes from your shakers! so fun!

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