Victorian Reinvention Of Christmas

That's what i searched for. I found some interesting things. Such as:
(i especially like the paragraph about co-opting Santa Claus)

Anyway, it was in my search for the original lyrics to "Deck The Halls" that i came across the term about Victorians. As i have gathered, "Deck The Halls" was originally Welsh. The english lyrics are not a translation. They may be English, they may be American. It doesn't matter which, really. They are from the Victorian era. When carols about piety replaced songs about revelling. Christmas was once again celebrated, it had been banned by Cromwell. Banned for being secular. Interesting....

I am (still) looking forward to The Winter Solstice. Mostly because it begins my 11 days off work. Hmm, eleven days of vacation. That's almost like twelve days of Christmas. ;-)


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