If it weren't December I'd say I'm suffering from allergies. I have a runny nose and I'm sneezy. It may have something to do with cleaning the garage last night. Well, attempting to clean the garage. Bringing some things in the house, throwing some stuff away, being displeased that mice (or a mouse) have destroyed some things. Not valuable things mind you, but things that are now a mess and must be thrown away. Bummer.

After all that lifting and throwing and carrying and rearranging, the car still didn't fit in there! That was the ultimate goal of the cleaning: to get the car in the garage. Alas it was not to be. Not yet anyway. Just need to bring a few things in, throw a few things away and Bob's your uncle (as they say). It's kind of like playing that game Rush Hour, but with heavy lifting, lol, and a mess.

....back to waiting for The Winter Solstice.....


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