Welcome To My 100th Blogger Post

Wow, one hundered post! When i started it was just so i could comment on other blogs. And now look at me, ;). Anyway, Lollapalooza was good. Yes good. The music perfromances were great, The food was okay, the traipesing around was tiring. So all in all it gets a good. The music really was great though. i get to far too few live shows these days (one more thing to add to the list of took-it-for-granted-as-a-teenager) and it was a lot of fun to see so many shows. I'm not as sore as i was. But i was sore. Three days in a park, hotel bed, yadda yadda. The driving back from Chicago didn't help either. The surface quality of I-69 & I-94 leave something to be desired. Something like the 402, imagine that!

I would like to return to Chicago, there's so much more to see. Maybe take the train next time.....

The house is officially sold. Time to start the countdown to moving day. Also, must remember to change our address with everyone/thing/place.

Uh, ... i suppose i don't have much to say for blog #100. No hooplah, no fireworks, no superfantastic can't-stop-reading-it story. Just some stuff that happened recently. And not nearly everything that happened recently...just some stuff

Now i'll have to come up with my best introductory college course joke for the next post ;)

Same bat-time, same bat-channel

Holy Hyphens Bat-Man!!!


Anonymous said…
When moving, change the address on your driver's license first.

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