The Things You Miss When You Sleep Through The Night

I am suddenly aware of time passing quickly. Something that happened in January has just come to my attention now. Goes to show how long it's been since i looked in to certain things. Goes to show how we all take things for granted. Goes to show I'm not a teenager anymore.

As a teenager my favourite radio programme was Brave New Waves on the CBC. It no longer exists. That's a shame. I wonder if sourcing ones own music online is going to adequately replace it? I doubt it. Suddenly hearing (and hearing about) a new band/artist is very different than stumbling upon something yourself. It's also much more likely you'll hear something you wouldn't have otherwise sought out. Oh well, whatareyougonnado? I'm obviously quite behind the times. I'm behind the times in other areas as well but that can wait for another day. I wonder what else is crumbling away while i sleep. The shores of Lake Erie I'll bet.........

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