The evolution of sound & vision

So, i was pondering social networking sites. I was pondeing the whole "Web 2.0" business. I was remembering use-groups and BBSs (be be esses?). I don't think much has changed, especially in terms of content. i think we've just gone from text to graphics, music and video. Really. Instead of a text post with your email it's now a video post with your profile picture. Instead of an all text group it's a mostly text group with an iconic photo of whatever it is you all discuss. The ability of nearly anyone to create groups seems to create much in the way of unneeded discussions about unneeded topics. oh well. It used to be circular sending of email jokes (which still happens to some extent) and now it's "sharing" of video, and links, and usless surveys (i seem to recall getting surveys emailed to me, now they get "messaged" to me, instantly not so much but "messaged" none the less) So, yes, form is no longer dictated by content, but i think content has taken a dive. Maybe not.....

Maybe it's just easier to find fluff. Fluff and chain letters, rotten chain letters.

This was more of a ramble than i intended. New & Improved indeed, it's just in fancier packaging!!!


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