It Is The New Year

Let me clear up the dust and put away the papers.  Have a seat.  I said I'd be back blogging in the new year and it is that.  It's March but whatevs...

Today I will be mixing up the Western Sour and possibly the Headhunter.  I won't be blogging about them though, not yet.

We left off with the Port Light, more or less.  Since then I've revisited the Astro Aku Aku and I've made Don's Own Planter's, Don's Daiquiri, and the Coronado Luau Special.  Nothing I write can outdo what Kaiser Penguin once had to say about the Coronado Luau Special.  All I can add is that fresh squeezed orange juice makes a world of difference! I had intended to really drink in the past and use mass produced artificial sour mix but instead I've made it with homemade and with (the kinda bougie) PC sour mix. It's a good drink and maybe more complex than I remembered.

The "Don's" drinks are also good and make use of honey syrup rather than liquid honey.  Interesting.  The daiquiri I can take or leave but the Planter's I've made several times and really enjoy.  The choice of honey and choice of rum really influence the experience and I think this is a sign of a good drink.  A showcase rather than just something vaguely tropical.

So that's where we're at.  This may be my last post on blogger... we'll see.  I'm going to keep making drinks and posting about them.  I'm just going to do it elsewhere.  Stay tuned, or not.


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