Rainy Day Greenpoints Nos. 13, 14, 15

Greetings travelers!

I haven't yet changed my ratio but my research that pointed me toward doing so indicated that Punt e Mes is the vermouth called for in a Greenpoint.  What's a poor boy to do? Punt e Mes isn't availabe here. (Well, it is if you're a licensee or are willing to buy at minimum a case).  Neither of those scenarios apply but let's put a pin in that for now...

2 oz rye
0.5 oz yellow Chartreuse
0.5 oz punt e mes
1 dash orange bitters
1 dash aromatic bitters


13/52 Wild Turkey Rare Breed, VEP, Ango orange, Aussie aromatic, Gonzalez Byass, meyer lemon twist.  A delicious whiskey cocktail; sweet and boozy.

14/52 I went back to Jim Beam rye and stayed with VEP Chartreuse and Ango orange.  Wanting to up the bitterness (since lacking in Punt e Mes) I used Boker's bitters and Byrrh.  It was less sweet but not as bitter as I'd hoped.  Some jamminess from the wine crept in at the end.  

15/52 On a whim I bought some Dillon's vermouth. I'd avoided it in the past simply because I have a significant back-stock of sweet vermouth and felt my bar funds could be spent elsewhere.  I'm glad I bought a bottle.  This vermouth combined with the Boker's bitters and the cask strength Knob Creek made an exceptional cocktail. Complex bitter and boozy with flavours I'd not previously found in a Greenpoint. I think this vermouth (rather than the Byrrh) will be my go to for drinks calling for Punt e Mes, rightly or wrongly, even though I can't say if the flavour is correct; my expectation of bitterness is met.

Be Well. 


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