Greenpoint (Jim Beam Bonded)

This is the third in a year’s worth of weekly Greenpoint cocktails

2 oz Jim Beam Bonded 
0.5 oz V.E.P. Yellow Chartreuse 
0.5 oz Bosca Rosso Vermouth di Torino
1 dash Australian Bitters Co. Aromatic Bitters 
1 dash Regan’s Orange Bitters 

Stir; Strain; Twist

This week I decided to replace everything! The Jim Beam Bonded seems very rye forward to me and if given a glass without knowing I would’ve said it’s rye and not bourbon. Anyway, rather than 
ship-of-Theseus-ing my way to a new recipe I went “whole hog”.

My impressions with this combination was a drier, sharper, less sweet drink. This was certainly a whiskey cocktail but not obviously  a Manhattan variant. Whereas last week’s would have been nice after a meal this week’s was certainly a pre-prandial tipple. 

I’ve finished my Rittenhouse and have not much Jim Beam so a replenishment of rye is required. I think the Wiser’s bottles I have are more suited to other uses (and are strictly speaking Canadian Whisky) but with the American straight rye and the 100% rye Canadian whiskies available I’m sure I’ll not want. As with most of my trips to the LCBO a decision shall be the most difficult part. 

Stay tuned! 
Be well. 



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