In Search Of Spice...

Recently I came across, in my social media aggregate, the notion that tiki drinks aren't so much about tropicality or a delivery method for syrup but rather a way to put spice (and kitchen flavours) into a glass! So with that in mind let's leave aside debates about what is or is not tiki and set sail for spice!

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It's A Fucking Saxophone, Max 
1 oz rhum agricole vieux
1 oz unaged cachaca
0.75 oz lime juice
0.5 oz oloroso sherry
0.25 oz allspice liqueur

Shake with crushed ice. Donate to an onversized snifter. Garnish with nutmeg and parasols.
Adapted from Jim Meehan's Girl From Jerez

This past weekend on twitter i came across this tweet:

Please follow the quote tweet rabbit hole. You'll be glad you did!

Naturally I thought this would be an excellent name for a drink.  I searched CVS and came up with only one result for saxophone: Girl From Jerez. I swapped the Sherry, upped the pimento dram and made it a crushed ice drink and voila!

Cachaca and oloroso are a lovely pair and I may explore their delicious duets more in the future. Over all the drink was dry and tart and not overly much for spice. Firmly in the Fog Cutter vein of tiki. Perhaps a drink to make when a fog cutter would be too strong?

Until next time...

Still Searching.


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