MxMo: See Ecks Vee

It's that time again! Mixology Monday time! Our host this month is Katie at Garnish. (Here's the roundup post!)The them is chocolate. While I have been known to make boozy hot chocolate this time I'll go with white creme de cacao.

In my younger days I often shook up (in a cobbler!) a Grasshopper as after dinner tipple and this was my primary conveyance of creme de cacao into my belly. Eventually I made a substitution for the cacao and that became my house Grasshopper recipe, if you will. Perhaps I'll revisit it again but that's a story (and an ingredient) for another day.

On occasion creme de cacao appears in small doses in Tiki compliant recipes but more often I encounter it in classic styled drinks served up. While delicious there's, perhaps, an austerity to drinks such as Maxim, Twentieth Century, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern and the like. For me and for my money there's really only one reason to stock a bottle of creme de cacao. The Alexander!

Alexander No. 1
1.5 oz cream
1 oz gin
0.75 oz creme de cacao (white)

Shake. Strain. Coupe. Nutmeg.
adapted from Schumann's American Bar

There you have it! Classic delicious after dinner appropriate tipple.



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