Mixology Monday Curriculum Vitea: Brace Yourself

It's cold. You need to warm up. Doc has suggested we come up with bracing tonics before going out in the cold. I prefer the apres, but what do I know? I'm not a doctor.

Umpteen Thursdays ago I made the Sazerac Toddy as found on CVS. It wasn't really my bag; some drinks are such. I was left with much absinthe whipped cream (as I had made a batch in my iSi whipper) and wasn't sure what to do. I eventually came up with something. Before we proceed, you do have protection hot cocoa mix right?

Firstly the whipped cream:

10 oz whipping cream
4 oz Absinthe
2 oz simple syrup

Combine in an iSi charger. Best if prepared somewhat in advance.

Secondly the hot cocoa:

Currently in the pantry is a store-bought mix of which I use three tablespoons per serving. You could make your own such as this.

Thirdly you will require:

1.5-2 oz rye
3 dashes Peychaud's
1 swath of lemon peel
mace, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper

Sazerac Hot Chocolate

Combine rye and bitters with cocoa mix in a mug and whisk to make a paste. Meanwhile heat a kettle of water to boiling. Rub lemon peel on rim of mug. Once boiled pour hot water over paste. Whisk to combine. Top with however much or little whipped cream you desire. Garnish with mace, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper or a combination thereof.

Be well; stay warm


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